Halo Reach Landscape Gallery

Heres a couple landscape shots taken from Halo Reach. 

If your looking for screenshots of characters instead, check out some AI Shots.

The next 2 are from Winter Contingency, the first mission of the game. They were both taken near the beginning of the mission.

This one is from Unearthed, a map of an open pit mine. Also from DLC.

The next shot is from Pillar of Autumn, about half way through the mission.

Thought this was a cool shot of a glacier, in the mission, ONI Sword base.

The next two are also from ONI Sword base.

And again a shot from Tempest.

To see something really cool, take a look at some Halo Reach Space Pics.

Or for something a bit different,
Portal 1 + 2 Graffiti Taken from Ratman Dens throughout the Portal games.

My Inspiratiofor starting this blog.

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